Bunbury Roof Painters

We make homes look great!


Q: Do you remove all rubbish from site?
A: Yes, we leave the place a we found it! (usually better!)

Q: Is the rain water potable?
A: Yes, FlexiTile contains no VOC's (Volotile organic compounds)

Q: Will it be cooler in the house?
A: Yes, up to 5 - 10% cooler.

Q: Will moss and lichen grow back?
A: Not on the areas we coat. Most of it that does grow back
after many years, is already hidden underneath the actual roof tile!

Q: Does dust and grime stick to the tiles?
A: No.. The technology in the coatings helps stops this!

Q: How long does this all take?
A: We will be in and out in around 2 - 3 days!

Q: Are you fully insured?
A: Yes, plus we are are safety ticketed! Which also means we are 'Working at Heights' certified.
We are also members of the Master Builders Association and Masters Painters Association.

Q: Do you cater for Seniors?
A: Yes, we have special rates for seniors.

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