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Tileflex Roof Paint

Nutech TileFlex 2000 is no ordinary roof paint.
More like a coating, not a paint, it combines advanced technology developed exclusively by Nutech Paint, with the special properties of surface cleaning nano technology, to deliver superior performance. The TileFlex 2000 roof coating, make roofs stay cleaner
& retains its gloss longer than any other conventional acrylic roof coating on the market today.

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This roof paint contains highly effective polymer preservatives which provide long lasting broad spectrum algaecide & fungicide protection to prevent roof discolouration and help stop moss and lichen growth.

Plus, it also contains a UV resistant, non-fading pigment, combined with tough flexible 100% acrylic polymers, transforms an existing roof. Tileflex is guaranteed not to peel, fade, or crack.

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"Gladwrap for your roof!"

This is how one of our trained roof coaters, with
15 years experience, described our product!

We Jet clean your roof. Jet cleaning is the only method which ensures the removal of ground-in dirt & fungus growths that have accumulated over the years..

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South West Roof Painters

Tile Preparation:
  • Replace cracked tiles.
  • Repair or replace cracked ridge cappings.
  • Re- cement hips and ridge cappings.
  • Roof high pressure jet cleaned.
  • Complete area sprayed with industrial
    sealer & waterproofer.
  • Your choice of colours of premium
    roof coating membrane.
  • Spare tiles left on site.
  • Gutters cleaned.
  • Rubbish removed.

Iron, Tile & Asbestos roofs

Iron Roof Preparation:
  • Re-secure roof.
  • Tec screw where necessary.
  • Re-sleeeve overlaps if needed.
  • Check all valleys & flashings.
  • Prime rusty areas.
  • Coat in acrylic membrane VA
    or anti corrosive coating.
  • Your choice of colours.

32 years experience

Asbestos Roof Preparation:
  • Re-secure sheets.
  • Tec screw where necessary.
  • Seal cracked sheets and ridge cappings.
  • Remove excess moss, dirt *& lichen.
  • Spray entire roof using asbestos bond.
  • Apply coat/s of acrylic VA membrane.
  • Spray flues and vents& Clean Gutters
  • Your choice of colours.